“Evolution Out Now” Super Nexus

Before we begin, note that our old domain name – evolutionoutnow.com – was hijacked.  That’s okay since our new domain name is better – eon.supernexus.com.  Also, the development and growth of this website will be very gradual since most of our time must be devoted to making a living.

Today we launch the “EON Super Nexus.”  Our old website is named “EON – Evolution Out Now!”  Our new website is achieving a greater level of sophistication.  We will be using a dialectical approach (resolution through the confrontation of competing claims).

We continue to oppose evolution on purely scientific grounds.  Evolutionists are imprecise.  As a result, they have made some serious errors.

Our main thesis is explained on the L. F. Nexus Think Tank website at //lfnexus.com/ifyoubelieveinthetheoryafterthisyouaretrulyinsane.htm.

You will find some of our earliest websites on the L. F. Nexus Think Tank website portal at //lfnexus.com/portal.htm and some of our earliest articles at //lfnexus.com/eon.htm.

We will over time be seeking to launch 51 EON chapters across America (see our Chapters Links on one of our earliest websites).

You may contact us at email@eon.supernexus.com.